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EV Charger Installation in Winton, CA

Serving Merced and Stanislaus Counties

Petrol vehicles have shaped our modern world in a way that we may not be able to describe in words. Still, the automotive world continues to make developments that further our capabilities in the way we use transport. Namely, the development of electric vehicles. 

Electric vehicles allow us to move in a way we have never done before. While looking after the environment and reducing our carbon footprint, you save money on transport costs each month. Some people may think that electric vehicles are expensive and reserved for only an elite few. They also may believe that with the addition of a charging station in Winton, owning an electric vehicle is a costly endeavor. With the ever-rising cost of fuel, you can be sure that going electric will cost you less money in one way or another. 

Koehn Electric specializes in EV charging station installations. If you need an electric car charger, give us a call at (209) 561-1038

We offer many different options when considering charging stations for cars. You can have peace of mind when dealing with industry experts at Koehn Electric. Our team is dedicated to providing only the best service, parts, and after-sales service in the industry. 

Types of EV Home Charger Installations

There are 3 levels of charging stations for electric cars. Your choice of an EV charging station installation will depend on your personal needs and the number of miles you drive each day. These are the different types of EV charging stations available:

Level 1 EV Charger Installations

A level 1 charger comes standard when you purchase a new electric vehicle. This type of charger will plug into most three-prong outlets in your home. Unfortunately, as a standard electric charging station, it takes quite a long to charge your vehicle. Depending on what your vehicle of choice is, a level 1 EV charger can take up to 20 hours to charge a vehicle battery. 

Level 2 EV Charger Installations

A level 2 charger is faster at charging your electric vehicle than a level 1 charger. Doing very little city driving may allow you to get away with having a level 1 EV home charger installation. If you are putting a few more miles on your car, you should consider having a level 2 vehicle charger installed in your home. Being slightly more advanced than a level 1 EV charging station, a level 2 EV charger requires a 240v circuit, but it charges your vehicle’s battery in about 3 hours. That’s much faster than a level 1 charger. 

Make sure you call Koehn Electric at (209) 561-1038 for a safe electric EV charger installation in Winton, CA. Our trained professionals are ready to take care of all your electric vehicle charging needs. 

Level 3 EV Charger Installations

Level 3 chargers are industrial electric vehicle charging stations. These charging stations are generally installed as public charging stations. These EV stations can give a vehicle up to 20 miles per minute of charging. They are, unfortunately, not home EV charging stations as they draw too much power for any home to support. However, you can install one of these EV chargers in an industrial building that you own. 

What to Expect with EV Home Charger Installation in Winton, CA 

Dealing with professional EV charging station contractors, you can expect only the best service and product for your home. Here is why you should call Koehn Electric:

  • We always perform a full inspection of the job site and equipment we are dealing with. 
  • We will install a 40A 240V circuit with 8 AWG wiring when needed for your new EV charging installation. 
  • We won’t take any shortcuts in installing your EV charging station. We follow all manufacturer’s specifications when installing equipment. 
  • Koehn Electric always follows local code requirements and permit requirements.
  • We won’t leave your premises without conducting a start-up inspection and verifying that all equipment is functioning properly for your safety and convenience. 
  • Our team will provide you with the appropriate information on how to operate your new EV charging station. We will ensure you are comfortable with the warranties, limitations, and maintenance. We will also ensure that you are fully aware of all features and familiar with using your new charging station correctly for absolute satisfaction. 

Reliable EV Charger Installation in Winton, CA

Well done for making the move towards the future of automotive transport by purchasing a new electric vehicle. You are changing the world as we know it for the better. If you are an owner of an electric vehicle, having an EV home charging installation is not a luxury. It is necessary to ensure that you can charge your vehicle at any time from the comfort of your home. 

When you call Koehn Electric for your EV charger installation service, you are guaranteed 100% satisfaction with our friendly technicians. 

Make us your first choice in EV charging station installations. Call Koehn Electric at (209) 561-1038 or connect with us via our website for more information.