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Home Generator Installation in Winton, CA

Serving Merced and Stanislaus Counties

The Benefits of a Backup Generator Installation in Winton, CA

Most homeowners don’t feel they need a generator until a power outage strikes, leaving them in the dark. Don’t let this happen to you. A backup generator installation is not reserved for wealthy or commercial purposes. Any resident can have one installed in their home. There is a wide range of essential reasons to have a generator.

Maintain Power to Essential Appliances

If you have an electric-powered HVAC system and water heater, a power outage can leave you feeling uncomfortable. This is especially true if the reason for your power outage is bad weather. Storms can make your home cold and unpleasant. If you have a whole house generator, you can be sure that you and your family won’t shiver away.

Keep Lights On

By scheduling a backup generator installation, you can ensure that all your essential lights stay on. This is important if you need lighting to study or complete certain daily activities. Cooking in the dark can be unpleasant and unsafe. Candles are a hazard, especially if you have small children or pets to knock them over. Be on the safer side. Contact the best home generator installers in Winton, CA.

Ensure That Medical Equipment Stays On

If there is someone in your home that depends on electricity to power their medical equipment, a backup generator installation is a necessity, not a luxury. A backup generator for your home will ensure that you have uninterrupted power for those crucial devices. Keep your family safe and healthy with a reliable whole house generator installation in Winton, CA.

Keep Refrigerators and Freezers Powered

Most homeowners stock their freezers and refrigerators with food. A power outage can make your food go bad. This is a waste of money and valuable food. While bad weather and power outages are out of our control, ensuring that your refrigerators and freezers have power can be up to you. Schedule a home generator installation so you can eliminate this terrible waste of good food. Not to mention the foul odor that comes from rotting food. There is no telling how long a power outage may last. By having a backup generator for your home, you know you are covered!

Increase the Value of Your Property

A whole house installation can add value to your home. This is useful if you plan to put your home on the market. When you put your home up for sale, you can increase the price due to your valuable whole house generator installation. While you wait for your home to be sold, you can continue to enjoy your whole home generator installation.

Types of Generators to Consider

Generators are divided into two main categories:

Backup Generator Installation – This unit is installed outside your home and is turned on automatically when no electricity is detected. This is beneficial since you do not have to be home for the generator to go on and continue to supply power to your essential appliances. A backup generator can be powered by natural gas or propane. However, this type of generator is more expensive to install than a portable one.

Portable Generator – Portable generators are also placed outside your home so they can release carbon monoxide. It can be powered by natural gas, propane, and gasoline. Appliances are plugged into it directly. If you need something big like a water heater plugged into your generator, you require an expert electrician to install a transfer switch so that it can go next to your home’s electrical panel.

If you would like to know more about our whole home generator installations, be sure to contact us at (209) 561-1038 or online to schedule an appointment.

Factors to Consider with Your Whole House Generator in Winton, CA

When choosing the perfect generator for your home, it is useful to ask for the assistance of a trained electrician. There are often technical aspects to consider that only a certified electrician can help with. Here are a few things our whole house generator installers can help you with:

Power Requirements

When discussing your whole house installation with our electricians, be sure to let them know what you would like powered. Will it just be your lights and essential appliances, or will you need your water heater connected too? Run through all the things to need electricity for with them before starting the installation process.


Where will your generator be installed? You may need to clear a dedicated space in your garden for your whole home generator installation. It is important to consider whether you will be able to run a capable from your portable generator to a transfer switch.

Whole House Generator Installation Cost 

Of course, before jumping into the installation, it is important to get a detailed estimate of what a whole house generator installation will cost. This will also help you decide what generator to install.

If you need our whole house generator installation services in Winton, CA, contact us at (209) 564-1038 or online, and we will send one of our licensed electricians to your home.